2020 Global Free Zones Summit
2020 全球自贸区峰会

OCTOBER 20-22, 2020 10月20-22日


Those familiar with Conway’s other world-class FDI events are in for something new because the GFZS is focused on strategic investment in global free zones and special economic zones. In Conway's World Forum for FDI this topic would occupy one discussion panel in a diverse, content-packed agenda. However, through audience and sponsor feedback, we believe free zones are ready for more focus. This will give better positioning for sponsors who represent cities, ports, specialized industrial parks, free zones or special economic zones, not to mention corporate service providers, as the content and the corporate investors who attend are focused on these zones.


The two-day summit will include a range of discussion topics touching on investment trends, market movement, and emerging technologies that are changing why and where corporations choose to locate their facilities. Meet industry leaders who are making these decisions and challenge your preconceptions about your organization's global expansion strategy.


Conway’s global team is uniquely positioned to create such an event. Conway Advisory includes some of the world’s foremost experts in the development of FTZ’s & SEZ’s, with experience advising FDI specifically targeting the benefits of these zones. This team has worked with governments, corporate investment strategists, supply chain experts, and other influential stakeholders in the planning, development, and construction of successful FTZ’s & SEZ’s. In addition, Conway has executed FDI trainings, digital marketing strategy development and lead generation for FTZ’s and SEZ’s all over the world.


Come join the +350 attendees at the Global Free Zones Summit.


Countdown to the Global Free Zones Summit

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